Participation au camp d’été 2022 des Collectifs des Jeunes Communistes d’Espagne

L’UJC était au camp d’été organisé par la Juventud Comunista – CJC (Collectifs des Jeunes Communistes, Espagne) près de Madrid entre le 18 et le 21 août.

Ce fut l’occasion de participer à plusieurs formations-débats, notamment sur l’histoire de la classe ouvrière et du mouvement révolutionnaire espagnols, sur le travail à la demande et les nouvelles formes d’exploitation, ainsi que sur les luttes étudiantes.

Nous avons également eu le plaisir de pouvoir y réaliser des bilatérales avec plusieurs de nos homologues à travers le monde : le NCPN (Nouveau Parti Communiste des Pays-Bas), Κεντρικό Συμβούλιο ΕΔΟΝ – Central Council EDON (l’Organisation de la Jeunesse Démocratique Unie, Chypre), l’UJSARIO (Organisation de la Jeunesse Sahraoui), le Fronte della Gioventù Comunista – FGC (Front de la Jeunesse Communiste, Italie), et bien sûr la Juventud Comunista – CJC. Nous y avons aussi rencontré la délégation du KNE (Jeunesse Communiste de Grèce) envers qui, comme pour les autres, nous avons pu réitérer l’expression de notre soutien et de notre solidarité internationale.

Le camp d’été s’est terminé sur une table ronde internationale pendant laquelle nous avons eu l’honneur de tenir le discours ci-dessous, co-écrit avec les Jeunes Communistes Lyon, aux côtés des autres délégations internationales.


« Dear comrades,

The Union of Communist Youth (UJC) thanks the Collectives of Young Communists of Spain for the invitation to this summer camp and greets all the participants.

This meeting is very important in order to show the international solidarity of our organisations. It is also the moment for the common analysis of the international situation and for sharing our experiences of struggles in our countries. I would like to share with you some elements about the situation of the youth and our communist work in France. This declaration is also made in the name of the Communist Youth of Lyon which could not come to Madrid today but we carry their voices since our organizations are very close and we hope to merge in the near future. This declaration is the fruit of our common work and our cooperation is very important for the future in order to create a big communist youth organization.

The situation of the youth in France is characterized by the massive destruction of the education system. Access to the university is more and more complicated because there are fewer and fewer public resources allocated. Tuition fees for foreign students have dramatically increased and this is what awaits french students. The logics of the competition between students and universities and of the privatization of higher education are dominating, and at the same time precarity among students and the youth in general is rising. The quality of the studies is also dropping and the division between rich and poor students is more evident. Young people are forced to work alongside studies which makes them more difficult to complete. Many young people give up because the pace is unbearable. If they don’t work, it’s often because they are in debt to the tune of several tens of thousands of euros. A miserable salary for miserable studies and indebtedness. In schools, it is also very complicated because the budgets go down every year, the young teachers and assistants have to work in very precarious conditions. If we speak about more professional areas, the young workers have to deal with precarious fixed term contracts, internships, apprenticeships or others ways to be exploited by the capital.

Lastly, the economic crisis has only exacerbated the precariousness of young women lives, only to increase the rate of sexist and sexual violences against them. This is also due to the reconsideration of their fondamental rights. Today, it is all the more important to organize in the fight for women’s rights and against this rise of reactionism in France.

Unfortunately, there is no mass class struggle union for popular youth recognized as such by the masses. We must therefore build class organisations, trade unions and political structures, to struggle against the capital managers and to fight for the the concrete application of our claims without giving up in the negotiations. In France, students and apprentices can notably organize in unions such as the CGT SELA (Students, High Schoolers and Apprentices’ Union) or the FSE (Student Union Federation) which led victorious local and national struggles. One of the most convincing examples of this is their fights against the aforementioned increase of tuition rates for foreign students, which led from the payment exemption of some foreign students in certain universities to some universities completely suspending its application.

Under these conditions, it is of the utmost importance to remain faithful to the principles of socialism-communism and marxist-leninist theory, the main weapons of the communists. It is essential to strengthen international solidarity and cooperation in order to work for proletarian internationalism, against the bourgeois state apparatus serving the monopolies, against fascism and nationalism, against the opportunism of the social-democrats, against «green» capitalism, for real progress, for peace, for defending the environment and education.

Long live the revolution !

Long live socialism-communism !

Long live marxism-leninism ! »